Products & Services

a) Steam

Steam is one of the most widely used commodities for conveying heat energy. It is used in mechanical power production, to space heating and process applications. TP Utilities supplies steam at the following pressure levels: (50barg,/ 30barg,/ 10barg). Our steam complies with FDA standards is suitable for in the manufacture of food-related or medical-grade products..

b) Demineralised Water

TP Utilities produces Demineralised water (or de-ionised water) for its customers, and for steam production. The Demineralised Water Plant has a starting capacity of 750m3/h (Phase 1) and a final capacity of 1,500m3/h (Phase 3).

c) High Grade Industrial Water

Industrial water is used mainly for cooling purposes and in manufacturing processes. TP Utilities provides storage of up to 20,000 m³ to ensure reliable supply to our customers. Our high-grade industrial water contains less than 40 mg/l of chloride.

d) Waste Water Treatment

Our plant can treat a wide variety of waste water of different specifications. Our The process can be customised to different treatment process withinclude pre-treatment of waste water before it is sent for biological treatment.

e) Electricity & Gas

TP Utilities generates electricity for sale to the market as well as for its own internal load. For more information on electricity, please visit
For more information, on the specifications of the utilities or our services, please contact